Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Wedding Reception That Marched to a Different Beat

The most rewarding thing about weddings is the fact that each one is different from the next. Last night I had the pleasure of being part of Kim and Brian's special day. I can honestly say that when Brian and Kim decided to strike through much of the traditional wedding music, I was a bit skeptical. Most of their requests were "non traditional," and I know it can be very tough to work Metallica and Korn into a normal wedding mix and still keep the party hoppin'. To add to the challenge, the bride and groom decided to make the play list completely closed for the night. No requests. No DJs choice. I knew I was in for a challenge.

As I arrived to the reception location in Mays Landing, I was greeted by many of the guests who have had arrived already. It seemed the ceremony was planned to be on the beach, but mother nature had her own ideas and decided to hit the Garden State with a hail storm. Nevertheless the show went on. I walked in and faded in the cocktail selections. Sinatra however, was no where to be found that night. Guests mingled to the sounds of G Love, Citizen Cope, and Moby. The flow went surprisingly well and before I knew it we were already an hour into the night. On to the introductions...

The lineup was short and  simple enough. It was a small bridal party so the line up was a breeze. The bridal party came into a loop of "Fancy" by Drake, and the bride and groom walked out to "We're Into This Together" by Nine Inch Nails. Both songs musically complimenting each other. Their first dance? "Crash Into Me" by Dave Matthews Band.

Normally, after the first dance I would be prepared to put together a nice dinner mix for the guests as they dine. Tonight, was not going to that kind of night. The first request was for for "Blind" by Korn. This was followed up by "As we Enter" By Damian Marley. Dinner seemed like an afterthought. The intensity continued and I followed up with a few tracks I knew would be crowd pleasers. I pulled all of them right off the bride and groom's play list. The crowd loved it!

As the night progressed, I stuck to the list and stayed the course. To tell the truth, I was happy to play some of the B-Side hits I normally would toss aside for the "popular" wedding songs. There were several highlight songs that I haven't played for years. "The Choice is Yours" by Black Sheep was one of favorites from back in the day. "Hey Ya" by Outkast tipped the party on its side getting the kids, mom, dad, and grandpa "shaking it like a Polaroid picture!"

The garter and bouquet toss was ready to go until the bride told me she lost the bouquet. Me, always being a quick thinker, handed her a plastic candy bag to use as a substitute. It was cooky but throwing a bag of cookies fit perfectly into this anything goes kind of night.

The night was certainly one for the record books. All in all the party rocked with relatively very little downtime. The guests had a great time, and it paid off big time in the end. My clients got the wedding THEY wanted to have!

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